Pelleve' Skin Tightening at CWC

Pelleve' Skin Tightening for Aging Skin

By: Julie Pistorio



What is Pelleve'?

Pelleve' is a radio frequency device that sends low level radio frequency heat to the deeper part of our skin. In sending the heat below the surface of the skin, the body naturally  responds and repairs the heated tissue with collagen. This is a great tool to remodel and restore the strength of the foundational tissue below the skin. As we age, our foundation starts to collapse and we need to stimulate the re-building of our foundation. The base of our skin helps to create stability and strength and allows our top layer of skin to sit smoothly on the surface. By using the Pelleve' radio frequency device, we are better able to continually stregthen the core tissue allowing the surface tissue to shine. The final goal of Pelleve is smooth, tighter skin with improved skin tone and elasticity. 

Is there down time with Pelleve'?

Pelleve' takes about 40 minutes to perform but requires no downtime. The treated skin is flushed after the treatment for about an hour. You will just appear like you stepped out of the sauna! 

When can I see results?

Due to the fact that the body is repairing it's own tissue through a collagen response, the Pelleve takes a few weeks to visualize improvement. It is reccomended to have 3-4 treatments, 1 month apart. 

How can I maximize my results?

During your treatment, our advanced practice nurse can recommend things that can be done at home to maximize the results of your Pelleve' treatment.


Invest in your skin and you will never be disappointed!

Julie A. Pistorio MS, BSN RN Skin Care Specialist at Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care

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