The 12 Days of Christmas at Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care

Happiest of holidays to you and yours this holiday season. As a special gift to our patients and community, we are offering deeply discounted service offerings throughout the month of December. This is a great opportunity to try something new or treat yourself and others to a great service at Rejuvenate. All sales are daily and pricing is only available on that particular day. Purchases can be made on the date listed and scheduled for a more convenient date during the month of December.


                 The 12 Days of Christmas at Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care


Day 1- December 4th- Arctic Cranberry Facial- 40% off

Day 2- December 4-6th Botox Bonanza- $10/unit

Day 3-December 6th- Laser Light Show! All Laser Hair Removal Packages of 3 are 50% off

Day 4-Laser Genesis- Facial Resurfacing Laser- Packages of 3- 50% off

Day 5- December 10th-Mona Lisa Monday- All Mona Lisa Packages discounted $800.

Day 6- December 11th- Vampire Facials  50% off

Day 7- December 12th- Fire and Ice Facials- 40% off

Day 8- December 13th- IPL- 50% packages of 3

Day 9- December 14th- Microdermabrasion 40% off

Day 10-December 18th- Hydro Facial Refiner packages of 3- 40% off

Day 11- December 20- Peel Perfection- All Peels 75% off

Day 12- December 21st- Coolsculpting Countdown to Christmas- $250 off each Coolsculpting Cycle


Call today to schedule your appointment or call or come in on the day of the special and take advantage of the special pricing. Sorry, these specials cannot be applied to previously purchased items. As always, we offer complimentary consultations to learn which service would be best for your skin! Feel free to visit our website to request an appointment online.



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Julie A. Pistorio MS, BSN RN Skin Care Specialist at Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care

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