The Art of Coolsculpting

The Art of Coolsculpting

Using cold technology to lose fat!

By: Juile A. Pistorio MS, BSN RN

Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care

Fulton, MD

        The summer months are filled with hot days and warm nights! It the perfect time to take advantage of the cold! Coolsculpting has taken the aesthetic world by a storm and proven to be an excellent tool for permanent fat removal. Patients are eager for an effective alternative to liposuction, with no downtime and no risks. 

What is Coolsculpting?

    Coolsculpting uses a patented suction technology that pulls subcutaneous fat from the body and freezes the tissue for an extended period. During this procedure, patients are seated comfortably in a lounge chair and often sleeping or watching television. As the temperature drops, the cell membranes of the fat tissue become fragile and crystalize. During this time, the fat cells break and become no longer viable. The bodies' own immune system disposes of the fat cells over the course of the following 6-8 weeks. The process results in a 20% reduction in fat cells and a localized treatment of stubborn fat. The good news? It's all done in a non-invasive way and patients can return to work or activity directly after the procedure.

Is it painful?

   Most patients report that being placed on the machine in the first minute of treatment is slightly uncomfortable. During this phase of treatment, patients skin is pulled gently and cold temperature is applied. After the procedure, patients are asked to wear a support garment to help the tissue to stay still and prevent post procedure skin rubbing. Lastly, the tissue that is treated may experience numbness for 2 weeks after the treatment. This is self resolving and requires no medication or care.

What results can I expect?

    Coolsculpting patients can expect a 20% reduction in subcutaneous fat (fat that sits outside the muscle wall). This is very exciting because subcutaneous fat has been villified as the "stubborn fat" that is resistant to excercise and diet. Patients are excited to see better definition in thier figure and improved confidence in their attire. 

Is there fat that Coolsculpting cannot treat?

   Unfortunately, Coolsculpting cannot treat visceral fat, or the fat that sits inside the muscle wall. The muscle acts as a natural barrier for the cold temperature and allows the patient to be treated safely and effectively. Visceral fat is very responsive to good diet and excercise and can be more easily managed by the patient than subcutaneous fat. Often times patient can be a combination of both types of fat and good clinical teaching is required to let the patient know what steps can effectively treat both types of fat. We often tell patients that if you can pinch it we can treat it!

How do I know if I am a good candidate?

   Coolsculpting is an individualized treatment that requires a physical assesment and consultation by a certified Coolsculpting provider. Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care offers complimentary consultations to discuss the treatment, identify regions that can be treated and determine the cost. Feel free to call us today to book your consultation!


Julie A. Pistorio MS, BSN RN Skin Care Specialist at Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care

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