The Art of Definition

Colette Graham- Esthetician and Micro-blading Specialist

Micro-blading at Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care


     What is the most requested aesthetic service at Rejuvenate? Micro-blading! Micro-blading has become the most popular form of permanent makeup in the industry. Active, busy woman are looking for permanent solutions to creating definition in their brows. The beauty and grace of defined brows gives the illusion of higher, more open eyes. The depth of color gives women the opportunity to improve on their natural shade and create contrast with their skin.  Micro-blading is a form of tattooing, although not as deep (and not as scary). A tiny handheld tool called a micro-blade implants pigment under your skin. The strokes mimic the natural hairs of your brows. Other forms of micro-blading include micro-feathering, which uses a lighter touch to add to the brows existing shape. Ombré, or micro-shading, is a technique used to mimic the look of brow makeup rather than your natural hairs. 

    Colette Graham has refined her artistry to include facial and areola tattooing. She uses a keen eye to create the illusion of volume, symmetry, height and definition. She is a great resource for adding a more permanent solution to your beauty needs. Colette has used her talent to treat patients after chemotherapy and radiation or breast surgical repair. Her passion for creating cosmetic confidence is contagious and she has mastered the craft of permanent cosmetics and micro-blading. Call the office to set up a consultation and mapping appointment with one of our talented aestheticians. 


Julie A. Pistorio MS, BSN RN Skin Care Specialist at Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care

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