Treat the Mom in your life to the gift of beautiful skin!

Wrinkles be gone!

Are you the reason for your Mother's Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are one of the most common complaints of patients of all ages.  Here at Rejuvenate Wellness Medspa, we are able to use a large "tool box" of wrinkle reducing products. Botox is the most commonly known tool for fine lines, wrinkles,  laugh lines and crows feet. When used correctly, this Neurotoxin can effectively decrease the appearance of fine lines and restore the smoothness of younger skin. In the same way, Xeomin is able to treat the same areas as Botox. They are the "cousins" of wrinkle reduction. Although some patients are not as familiar with Xeomin, the mechanism of treatment between Botox and Xeomin are virtually the same. Both of these products provide patients with very quick and painless removal of fine lines of the face. 

     Patients have also expressed concern about deep lines aroung the face or the increase in the naso-labial folds between the nose and mouth. This is a result of facial volume loss that comes with aging. It is a subtle shift of fat that slowly decreases the plumpness of the cheeks and consequently shifts facial skin to the area around the mouth. Fortunately, we are able to treat this fat loss with the use of Dermal Fillers. Dermal fillers such as Juvaderm and Radiesse allow patients to plump cheeks, increase definition of the face and remove deep wrinkles around the mouth. 

    The combination of neurotoxins and dermal fillers are truely a two punch treatment for facial aging. This May,as a celebration of our beautiful mothers, we are offering special pricing on all our wrinkle reducing tools! Call or come in for a complimentary consultation to see which product is right for you! Don't forget to bring your mom!

Julie A. Pistorio MS, BSN RN Skin Care Specialist at Rejuvenate at Capital Women's Care

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