Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr

Ph.D., LCMFT (Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist)

Dr. Stephanie is a popular psychotherapist and couples therapist in the Metropolitan Baltimore Washington D.C. Region. Dr. Stephanie teaches how to repair conflicted relationships in both the workplace and the family. Her compassionate and down to earth approach is loved by many of her followers–which she credits to her early years growing up on a Nebraska family farm in an entrepreneurial family.

Dr. Stephanie has spoken to thousands of people about the steps to effectively repair relationship complaints. Her passion is to inspire people in all walks of life to use the important concepts of business customer service in ALL relationships. Stephanie’s motto is “Do You Have A Customer Service Counter For Your Significant Other?TM How About For Your Boss and Co Workers?”

Currently, Dr. Stephanie lives with husband and business man Brendan Knarr in Laurel, MD raising three children, Rachel, Luke, and Gavin. Besides running her therapy practice and co-running her family organization with Brendan, Dr. Stephanie speaks, makes media appearances, and is the author of Relationship Repair for Couples.


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