IPL Skin Brightening


Intense Pulse Light Therapy

IPL is a form of photo rejuvenation. The goal of treatment is to remove facial discolorations, brown spots, redness, age spots, broken blood vessels and rosacea. The system uses heat technology to suppress the vessels that are creating the discoloration. Reds and browns are removed and the result is smoother, clearer, more uniform skin tone. This is good for patients who tend to get sun damage, have freckles, brown pigments, and red undertones. This is not a great tool for darker skin tone patients and a consultation and skin typing assessment is required to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment. IPL is a non-ablative treatment and treats skin without damaging surrounding tissue.

The downtime for IPL is often a few hours in which the treated area feels warm and tender. In the days following treatment, the pigments get darker and the redness may get more red. This is a normal reaction and most of this disappears within a few days of treatment. Patients are encouraged to wear sunscreen with zinc in the months following treatment to avoid any additional sun exposure.

What patients are saying about their IPL treatment:

“My skin looks so pure and uniform! The spots I have been seeing for years are gone!” — Robin, 45 

“All my rosacea was gone within a few days of my second treatment! I’m over the moon excited!” — Kerry, 39

 “I have always thought my face was red with freckles. Now my skin is smooth, clear and bright. Gone are the reds and the freckles are really almost gone!” — Cathy, 63


Your Rejuvenate skin care specialist might choose to combine more than one treatment in your plan to give you the best possible results. For the highest standard of skin care, visit Rejuvenate. Call or click to book an appointment online.