Laser Genesis Skin Resurfacing


Rejuvenate uses the Laser Genesis system by Cutera® Laser systems. This high tech laser allows the provider to use a low grade laser to remove surface imperfections of the skin. The laser genesis decreases fine lines, removes acne scars, smooths rough texture, decreases oil production and shrinks the size of the pores. Patients are often using Laser Genesis to treat active acne lesions and diminish acne outbreaks. This non-pharmacological tool, mechanically alters the skin and can be a great alternative to chronic acne cream. Laser Genesis treatments are performed every month for 4-6 months in order to maximize results. Once results are achieved, follow treatments can be done every 4-6 months to maintain the skin. Packages can be purchased at a discount and treatments take about 40 minutes.

What patients are saying about Laser Genesis:

“I have always been self conscious about my acne. The redness and large outbreaks are so hard to cover up. The Laser Genesis treatment has decreased the outbreaks and treated my old scars. My skin has really never looked better!” — Hillary, 33

 “Laser Genesis is my new go to tool for anti-aging. My skin is smooth and clear. My makeup and moisturizer go on so well and my fine lines are all but gone!” — Laura, 45

 “My pores have always been an issue. For as long as I can remember, my nose and cheeks have had such large dirty pores. Laser Genesis has decreased these oily areas and diminished the size of my pores. My skin looks great!” — Collette, 43


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